NEW! Our Infinity Square Necklace

NEW! Our Infinity Square Necklace

Looking for the perfect, heartfelt gift for mom? 

How about a constant reminder of your eternal love and gratitude for everything she's done for you?

Released just in time for Mother's Day, our new Infinity Square Necklace will make her smile every time she puts it on.

A delicate sterling silver necklace, with two gleaming interlocking squares. One beautifully set with shimmering natural Zircon gemstones.

Infinity Square Necklace: interlocking squares with zircon stones.

A sparkling symbol of eternity, these intertwined squares are a meaningful gift not just for mom, but for anyone you love. 

And have you heard about Zircon gemstones? Higher quality than cubic zirconia, zircon crystals not only add a radiant glow, but are also believed to increase the wearer's self-love and confidence.

Infinity necklace in gold and .925 sterling silver

Choose from gleaming gold or shining silver. Give one to your mom, your sister, daughter, or friend. They'll feel your unbreakable bond and you'll feel connected to them every time you wear yours.

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