Take care of your jewelry: Avoid the S's

Take care of your jewelry: Avoid the S's

Believe me when I say jewelry can change things! Your jewelry can update your outfit, help you look good, feel good, and get you ready to take on the world. 

But girl, you have got to take care of it! Make sure you're avoiding "the S's" and give your fashion jewelry the love it needs.

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Avoid the S's

Never Sleep while wearing your jewelry
Never Shower while wearing your jewelry
Avoid Sprays such as hairspray or perfume
Avoid Sweat, don't exercise while wearing your jewelry
Never Swim while wearing your jewelry

    A good rule of thumb is this:

    Your fashion jewelry should be the last thing you put on when you head out the door, and the first thing you take off after getting home. From time to time, wipe your jewelry with soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth. This will keep it shining and remove the body oils/perfumes/lotions that, over time, will damage the finish on your jewelry.

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