Our Mission

Confidence is something many women struggle with their entire lives. 

Early on we start worrying what other people think. We constantly compare every detail of ourselves to everyone we see. We criticize the other girls and cry when they criticize us. Hate how we look and try to change it. Will do anything just to fit in. Our self confidence doesn't stand a chance.

As we hit our college years, we start to find our stride. Figure out who we are and our goals in life. We still question ourselves, but we become more comfortable in our skin and our confidence begins to grow.

Then some of us become moms and acquire a whole new identity. One we LOVE. For those initial years, every waking moment was devoted to our babies. 

There are times when someone will ask what we like to do in our free time and we go blank. "Um... go to the bathroom alone...?" But then our baby needs us and we move on.

But as our kids get older and closer to starting school, we start seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. Where we can finally have a little time to be ME again. Focus on our accomplishments and dreams.

But what are they?

Who are we beyond "Mom?"

And we're right back where we began. Feeling lost, unqualified for anything beyond laundry (even though we can get any stain out like a pro). We have baby bellies, and are trying to figure out how to dress stylishly without looking like a teenager or our own mothers.

Confidence = 0

Find Your Awesome

Our mission is to help women feel more confident in themselves and realize how amazing they truly are. No matter where you are in life, you have so many awesome things about you! Maybe you just need a little help discovering what they are.

Or maybe you have big goals but are afraid to go after them. You can accomplish anything you dream of. But sometimes we just need that little boost of confidence to help us get there.

Sometimes it's as simple as that little extra "something" to help you feel pulled together like a boss and ready to take on the world! Our goal is to help you find that